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Colombia Leads the Latin American Ranking of The Best Clinics and Hospitals
It is the country with the largest number of institutions within the top 10 spots. The raking made by AméricaEconomía measures aspects of patient safety and Physician’s capacity and knowledge.  
45 countries seek to buy specialty coffees such as those offered by Colombia
Proexport Colombia will hold its first business roundtable at Expoespeciales, with 39 buyers from 15 markets with potential for growth.
Medellin, Host of the Nature Tourism Business Matchmaking Forum
During September 25th-26th, Antioquia’s capital welcomed 41 international wholesalers who held business meetings with 74 Colombian tour operators attending the Colombia Nature Travel Mart Business Matchmaking Forum.  
Colombia is ready to double its exporting capacity
2,117 new companies have exporting potentialIf only 1% of the registered companies in Colombia internationalized their products or services, the country’s exporting capacity would double. Such breakthrough is attainable in the long term as Colombian companies have what it takes to succeed.

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